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Web Services for Lawyers, Professionals and Small Businesses

We offer a variety of services, and we can package and price them in different ways.  It’s always best to email or call us so we can address your specific needs.  On this page, you will find some of the services we can offer you.  Our core offerings are web development for professionals, search engine optimization for professionals, and social management for professionals.  

Web Marketing

We offer a full service suite of tools (or you can build a package a la carte) to market your firm or business.  We can analyze your existing site, build a plan of action and help you move up the search results.

Current Site Analysis

We will do a deep dive into how your current site is coded, how your content is organized, and what is missing.  We will use this information to maximize your search engine rankings.  This is included in every package we provide – we like to measure our success.

Competition Research

You have competitors who are beating you on search ranking – how are they doing it?  We can tell you.  Using advanced tools, we can see what keywords and articles are driving traffic to your competition.


Odds are, there are a handful of key phrases you want people to use to find your site.  You want to be on the first page with those keywords, so research is critical.  How difficult is it to gain traction?  What other keywords are popular?  Which can draw the most traffic?  We can help direct you as you build content, so you are always producing content that is benefitting your search goals.

Website Design, Hosting and Email

Let us take your old site, revamp it, and put it on a real server.  Right now, you are probably sharing a server with 60 other websites – you are sharing their lag, and you are sharing their processor!  It’s time to move out.  We can get you set up on a VPS which will be speedy and scalable.  If you grow, it can grow.

We help you seperate your email from your web hosting.  This ensures that if your web hosting has a problem (if it’s ours, it won’t) your email remains available.  This isn’t a simple shared hosting account like other resellers put you on.

Further, we proactively manage your site.  If it does go down or experience an issue, we know about it before you do and we get it fixed.  We seek out and use fresh content that achieves your goals.  We alter and update the website to get you the customers you want.