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The Top 3 SEO Tips for Law Sites

Rank Your Legal Website Higher

Law firm SEO – does your law firm have a website?  Of course it does.  You wouldn’t ignore such a huge marketing opportunity.  The internet is everywhere these days; your phone, your TV…heck, some refrigerators have it!  Does your law firm have a monthly marketing budget for your website?  No?  Hmmm…let’s talk.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is done by a Search Engine Optimizer, and both are referred to as SEOs. This is precisely what it sounds like – making the pages of your site so alluring to web search tools that they rank you profoundly in indexed lists for keywords and expressions. For instance, in the event that you are a Divorce Lawyer in Watkinsville Georgia, you’d jump at the chance to be on the main page of results when somebody scans for “Divorce lawyer in Watkinsville Georgia” (among different expressions!).

Website optimization includes understanding what the web crawlers search for, what they like, and what they don’t care for. It includes a long haul determination to ascend past your rivals; for your site to rank higher in Google, you have to execute a system that works – and do so continuously.

Google, Bing, Yahoo – they all have programs (bots) that crawl the web all the time searching for new or refreshed data. What they find when they stumble over your site matters, and is a colossal factor into how they rank you.

Three Things to Focus On

For your website to be successful, you need it do a few things for you.  You need it to:

  1. Attract potential clients
  2. Convert potential clients into phone calls or visits
  3. Be informative and useful as an online resource

Attract Potential Clients

Throwing up a five page website and ignoring it for months at a time used to be a pretty valid marketing strategy for the web.  In fact, there are plenty of these sites on the third and fourth page of Google to this very day.  But they aren’t on the first page.  They don’t attract clients like an optimized and relevant site does.  

To attract potential clients, your site needs to meet a handful of criteria.  It needs to be modern, mobile ready and fast.  Your old site your cousin built with Dreamweaver in 1996 isn’t any of those things.  And it doesn’t attract clients, because they never see it.  Most visitors don’t go past the second page of search results before taking action.

Convert Potential Clients into Phone Calls or Visits

Ok, once your site is useful you need to funnel those visitors into actions.  You need them to call or email you.  How do you get them to do that?  The great thing about a law website is that people are searching for an action to take; they need help.  So, your content has to compel them, and the action has to be easy and obvious.

You have just a few seconds of someone’s attention to convince them to embrace you and your offering.  What should you put in front of them?  A video?  Text?  A wall of text?  Images?  What if I told you we can do all of those things and more?  

On top of grabbing the attention of visitors, you need to make it simple to take an action.  Your site should always offer a single click phone call or a single small form for consultation.  Everywhere.  Easily found.  

Be Informative and Useful

Listen, this should be obvious.  Unless you are building a rank and rent website, your website is supposed to be serving a real purpose.  It should be useful.  If you are a mason, it should be telling people interesting things about brick laying and making them realize they need your skills.  If you are a lawyer, it should be explaining to people details about their situation and how you can bring them some aid and/or relief.

You can plaster big images, Flash and YouTube videos all over your site if you want to.  But if those things don’t actually attract visitors, then they are a waste of time and money.  If your words are useless to people, they won’t help your marketing.  

I’m not telling you to give away all the secrets of your trade; I’m just telling you that information that is useful attracts people.  And people respond well to companies and businesses that are positive and helpful.  Think about it.  Think about what you like to happen when you search online, especially if you are looking for important information.  You want a primary source.

If you decided to leave your wife, you might go to Google and type “Steps to get a divorce” first.  Now, if you were a divorce lawyer, you’d want to show up first on that search – not have Wikipedia beat you out!  And, when the visitor got to your page, you’d want them to feel helped and feel like calling you is the next step.  Right?

So, be informative.  Be useful.  Present valid and relevant information.

In Summary

You need have an actionable plan for your legal website.  For your legal website to rank higher in Google, you have to be continuously updating it and adding value.  You need to be seeking out your audience and providing them with actionable next steps.  You need to become their resource – the person who can help them.

It’s not easy to get your website to rank high in Google.  Lawyers in Georgia struggle with SEO, just like lawyers in Alabama or other states.  To rank higher, you don’t need phony links from China coming into your site.  You need relevance and usefulness.  You need management.  You need social accounts that are active.  You need someone managing this important part of your business.

Datahammer to the Rescue

This is the place Datahammer comes in. We can examine your rivals and discover key data – what pages on their site get the most movement, what catchphrases drive the most activity, and even discover who links to their site. Outfitted with this data, we can position you to contend on a level playing field. Eventually, we will position you to win.

We stay aware of what Google prefers and what it doesn’t like – and we work to keep your site consistently on Google’s good side. We run your social accounts and keep your social signals constant and effective. We help keep your image positive on the web, and get individuals to really call or email you.

We are a small, new organization – yet we have well more than 15 years of hands on understanding. Call or email us today, and we will set up a relationship that lets you get your brain off the website and back onto your central business.

Look at the services we offer, and afterward contact us – we’ll clarify how we can offer assistance.