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SEO Specialist isn’t a title I take lightly.  To be an SEO expert in Atlanta means you are used to working in a high competition environment.  It means you know the tricks and strategies that the other guys don’t.  It means you always have that next lever to pull to get your client moving up the search results.

The Hammer Is Coming Down On Bad SEO

We’re hammering out websites all day.

It means working on local seo.  Making sure your client is showing up in the map pack, making sure the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) is consistent and used all over.

It means having the best websites.  If you are a lawyer and you work with us, you will have the best law firm website.  It will be technically excellent and ready to rank.  You will have the best web design.  We use the best designers to get you a custom look that is clean and professional.

But everything we do is focused on results – bringing clients through your door.  Making your phone ring.  A site without a conversion is just white noise.