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Get Your Lawfirm Site Ranked Higher

Are you a small or medium lawfirm looking for a way to compete with the big, established firms in your area?  One place you don’t have to compromise is your SEO strategy.  You can do all the things your competitors do (and hopefully more) to improve your visibility in search engines.  SEO for lawyers is a very competitive space, but we’re in it to win.

SEO For Laywers

This is where Datahammer comes in.  We can analyze your competitors and find out key information – what pages on their site get the most traffic, what keywords drive the most traffic, and even find out who links to their site.  Armed with this information, we can position you to compete on a level playing field.  Ultimately, we will position you to win.

We keep up with what Google likes and doesn’t like, and we work to keep your website constant.  We run your social presence and keep your social signals strong.  We help keep your brand positive online, and get people to actually call or email you.

If you want to get your firm’s site to rank better, Datahammer can help you out.  We are a small, new company – but we have well over 15 years of hands on experience.  Call or email us today, and we will set up a plan that gets your mind off the website and back onto your core business.

Check out some of the services we offer, and then reach out – we’ll explain how we can help.