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Georgia Website Design and Development

It’s time for some Georgia Website Design!  Maybe you don’t really understand terms like SEO, SERP or Conversion.  That’s ok. Maybe you got here because you typed in “Georgia Website Design” or something like that on Google, and you see my site focuses a lot on Search Engine Optimization.  Well, we also do website design and hosting.  Of course we do!


Your Website needs to rank!

What sets us apart is how we build your website with user intent in mind.  Design is great, and usability is important – but what really matters is how many people come to your site and purchase a service or make a contact with you.  That’s just the fundamentals – your site needs to bring you business.

Having a pretty site designed by your nephew is great, but if it isn’t technically sound and set up to drive business through your doors, it isn’t good enough.

Datahammer can build your website, host your website, and manage your website.  We can do much, much more – we can manage your social sites, your social brand, and keep your content fresh.  Our team can get your site links and mentions in major publications.  We can market you and your website.  Give us a call and find out more.

It is critical that your business or professional website shows up on the first page of Google for key search phrases, and we can make that happen.