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SEO For Georgia Lawyers

GA SEO from Datahammer

Here at Datahammer, we are starting up our Georgia SEO business with a laser focus.   The goal is to have 10-15 law firms as clients during the next year.  We will require that each firm be in different locales, or that they service different fields (DUI vs. Divorce, for instance).  That way we aren’t competing with ourselves; each client is special.

If you are looking for pricing and packages, please just go ahead and call us.  Most SEO firms charge between $500 and $3000 per month.  Depending on your needs, we’ll put together the right package for you.  Again, you are special and different – our pricing will reflect that.

If you are a Lawyer in Georgia, and your website isn’t ranking highly on search – you need to call us.  We know how to get you on ranked without penalties.