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Powder Springs incorporated as Springville in 1838 on the lands of two Cherokee Indian chiefs, Chief Nose and Chief Ana Kanasta (Sweetwater). Prospectors had found gold in the state ten years earlier, and so get-rich-quick hopefuls flocked to Springville to mine and pan more. Despite their efforts, the prospectors found little in the mines at Lost Mountain and off Brownsville Road. Sadly – and ironically – at about this same time, the U.S. government forced Cherokee Indians off their lands and marched them to Oklahoma on the “Trail of Tears.”

In 1859, the city name changed to Powder Springs, a name derived from the seven springs in the city limits. The water in these springs contains some 26 minerals, ones that turn the surrounding sand black, like gunpowder – hence the name Gunpowder Springs.

People have continued to find their way to Powder Springs since 1838. Its mild climate, rich soil and inviting springs offer health and recreation.

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