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How Datahammer Started

We’re a small company in Watkinsville, Georgia.  We were founded by Smith Ellis.  Smith has been in the technology sector since the early 90s.  In addition to working at Digital Insight and Intuit in senior leadership positions, Smith has also occasionally dabbled as a web consultant.   Recently, he decided to put a huge focus on this and service a niche market that seems to really need technical expertise – lawyers and other professionals.  Looking at the space, and having worked closely with a handful of attorneys/lawyers over the years, it became clear that many of the technology solutions being sold to lawyers and doctors aren’t serving their needs.  The companies that have popped up over promise and quickly turn into a recurring bill without recurring value.  Smith wants to change it.  Datahammer is determined to bring you an honest and consistent approach to getting leads via technology.

If you are a professional in Georgia and you need a professional website; if you need a website that drives traffic to your firm or hospital or clinic – we can help you.  Web development for lawyers; web development for doctors; web development for professionals who need leads all day, every day.  


Smith Ellis

Smith Ellis

CEO and Founder

Smith Ellis has been in the technology sector since the early 90s.  He’s held leadership positions at Intuit, Digital Insight and NCR.  He lives in Watkinsville, GA with his wife and three children.

Client Stories

Rick Ryczek – Goodbyedui.com

I’ve worked with Rick on and off for a number of years.  We recently got serious about his SEO and getting his site updated to modern standards.  His new website is mobile ready, fast and SEO optimized. We’ve been working over the past two months to add rankings for new keywords, and to keep climbing higher in rankings on the old ones. In just two months his site has three keywords in the top three, and six in the top ten. He consistently ranks high for  “Lawrenceville DUI Lawyer“, “Gwinnett County DUI Lawyer“, and “DUI Lawyer Gwinnett County” – among many other keywords.  He’s in the top 100 for over twenty two critical keywords for his field.

I look forward to continuing to drive traffic and dollars to Rick’s law firm.