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Website Development and Marketing For Lawyers and Professionals

So, your business barely makes it to page 30 of a Google search. Why?

  • You threw a site up using automated tools from big vendors, and never touched it again. One-time web development, no long term strategy.
  • Your nephew built the site for you; you don’t know much more than that.  One-time web development, no management, and here you are.
  • You didn’t think of the website as a lead generator, so you didn’t do much with it; but now you realize that you have left thousands of dollars on the table.  You didn’t understand the value of a professional web developer.  Your professional website didn’t have a purpose.
  • You literally have no idea how to get it to rank better.  You thought just having a web site was enough, and you don’t know what makes a professional website rank better in search.

Get Your Legal or Professional Service Website Ranked Higher

You are in an arms race to get to the top of search results.  Legal and other professional SEO is a cold war! Search Engine Optimization is real, and it matters.  SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.  Start early!  Getting your website to the first page of Google isn’t easy.  To do it right takes time, money and commitment.  The payoff for lawyers and professionals is huge – each lead will bring you a substantial return on your investment.  Web development for professionals (lawyers, doctors, etc.) is our specialty.  I’d like to invite you to work with Datahammer to improve your search engine visibility.  We are a specialty SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) and marketing partner for lawyers and other professionals.  Our focus is getting your website to the top of Google. If you are a lawyer, you could go to Avvo or Justia (and you probably should – when we talk we can discuss) – but you should also have a website that is under your control.  A website that is constantly updated, is fresh and is completely compliant with what Google is looking for.  If you have a law website, a law firm website, a doctor website – then you need someone working on it for you, every single day.  We make websites for professionals in Georgia, and we manage your digital presence and brand.  Doctor website development, Lawyer website development, Dentist website development – we are here to help you.

Lady SEO Justice

SEO Justice – You Need it For Your Site!

Let Us Worry About The Website

We leave you alone unless we need new content, content approval or other urgent assistance.  We manage your doctor website development.  We manage your practice website development.  We manage your law firm website development.  We don’t bother you with details, we handle them.  After our project is kicked off and we have an agreement about what to expect, we can speak as often or as little as you’d like!  You do your job, and let us be the nerds.  All we do is work on professional websites, and our focus is supporting and developing professional websites in Georgia.

What is SEO and Why Does It Matter

In order for you to run a successful business, customers have to find you.  Not only that, customers have to actually reach out and engage with you (conversion).  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what makes your website and digital content friendly and accessible to Google and other major search engines.  Optimization is the difference between being in the first one or two pages of a search result, or being buried tens of pages down.  It matters.  A well managed digital presence will get you consistent, actionable leads.  Your website rank is money in the bank.  A brochure website that no one ever updates can’t compete with a thoughtfully managed digital marketing strategy. For a lawyer, having a digital presence that brings clients through the door is a valuable overall part of your business strategy.  This is why large directory sites can (and do) charge thousands of dollars a month to help you get ranked.  But if you have your website, your portfolio, and your entire digital presence tied up with one of these big directories – you can’t really target key groups and localities as well as an independent website could.  Datahammer can help.

We are here in Georgia – providing Georgia SEO for Lawyers.

We want to help lawyers, doctors and other professionals who need a website developed and maintained.  We want partners who want an online marketing strategy.

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Why Use Us?

Datahammer is a very small specialty company, working in Georgia ( beautiful Watkinsville, GA to be precise).  Quite simply, we can and will focus on you and your needs.  Our current business model is to work with one attorney or professional within specific localities, so we are never helping your competitors.

We know you have better things to do than constantly fiddle with your online presence – we can do it all for you if you want, or just your website.  We can run your Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.  We constantly monitor your site for position and ranking against key words, and help you publish content to get the results you want.

Our methods are approved and allowed by Google – you will never get punished because of us.  Our competitors lie and cheat to get you a better ranking, and you will pay for it the next time Google updates.  It is difficult to recover from a ranking punishment.

You Pay Big Brands

Great!  Working with us and using them aren’t mutually exclusive.  The big lawyer directories, for instance, can get you a lot of exposure, and routinely land sites on the first two or three pages of Google.  But we offer something a bit more focused.

We work with you to focus on your challenges – need more customers from a certain county?  Need to target specific people in North Georgia?  Need to rank for highly competitive keywords?

We will help you with:

  • local results
  • link building
  • social media
  • web design
  • high quality conversions
  • online marketing

Let us help drive traffic and customers to you!  We are a small, focused marketing company.  Our web development services, SEO services and marketing strategies will be designed specifically to serve your needs, in your market.

Managed Social Accounts

Your social accounts need constant attention, but so do your clients.  You are going to choose your clients every time.  Let us handle your social presence.  We will run and manage all aspects of your social identity – keeping content fresh, getting you exposure and managing your brand.  

Let us show you why having an active social presence matters, and how that can integrate with your website to get you real leads.  Just having a Facebook page isn’t enough.  It has to be a relevant, likable and fresh.

Datahammer manage your social accounts, improve your online campaign conversions and get you business via the web.

Who Do We Help, And Where?

We began working primarily with lawyers, but are now happy to work with other professionals and even small businesses.  We choose our clients as carefully as you should choose a web development/SEO team.  

Most web development in Georgia is focused on the look and feel.  The design.  We aren’t so single minded – we are focused on results.

Let’s say you are a new Doctor in Statham, Georgia.  You just opened your doors and you need business; and the insurance referrals just aren’t enough.  We can help you.  From the beginning of the process (getting a domain, setting up hosting, etc) to the ongoing management of your digital presence (competing on Google results pages, keeping content fresh, managing your Facebook, etc) we do it all.  If you don’t have results in 4-6 months, fire us.  We don’t have long term contracts.  Web development for doctors, social management for doctors – we handle it.

Maybe you just graduated from law school at UGA, and you need to start building your legal practice.  You’ve rented a small place in Watkinsville, GA – but no one is finding you.  You search “Watkinsville GA Lawyer” on Google, and realize you don’t even show up in the top 100 results.  Call us.  Right now.   Every day that you aren’t being found, you are missing thousands of potential dollars.  Let us prove our value, and build a lasting relationship.  Websites for lawyers, web development for lawyers and social management for lawyers – we do it all.  We get you leads.

Web development is just a piece of the puzzle.  Web development is important, and design is important – but we analyze your competitors, we check out who is linking to you, we find people who want to link to you, we guide your content development.  The difference between us and a “Web Team” or a “Web Developer” is vast.  If you just want to throw a website on the internet – anyone can do that.  But it probably won’t show up in the first 100 search results.  If you need to rank well, you need to have experienced professionals help you out.

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